The Diversity Initiative's Call for Scores is focused on promoting underrepresented composers in the genre of brass chamber music. 

Image by Namroud Gorguis

Eligibility and Submission Materials 

In line with our goals to promote diversity, the call for scores is exclusively for composers who represent an underrepresented communities and ethnicities. There is no age limitation or educational preference, we want to hear all that we can!

To be considered, composers must submit the following:

1. A pdf score and recording (either midi file or recording) for a work as described by the guidelines below

2. A personal statement including a brief bio and a description of how your community influences your creative work

All materials must be submitted before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on April 30th, 2020. 

No exceptions

Please submit these materials as specified by the instructions on the "Submit!" page.

Categories and Guidelines 

The Call for Scores will feature five instrumentations, each with a $500 prize:

Duet (4-7 minutes in length)

Trio (4-7 minutes in length)

Quartet (6-10 minutes in length)

Quintet (6-10 minutes in length)

Septet* (7-12 minutes in length)


*The Septet is a fixed instrumentation of two trumpets, french horn, two tenor trombones, euphonium, and tuba. 


The remaining categories must be orchestrated from the instrumentation of the septet:

A duet for two trumpets, two trombones, french horn and tuba, euphonium and tuba, and other combinations of two trumpets, two trombones,  euphonium, french horn, and tuba will be accepted, but not for two french horns, two euphoniums, or two tubas.

Trios and quartets are also orchestrated from the instrumentation of the septet, meaning the parts available to the trio are two trumpets, two trombones, french horn, euphonium, and tuba.

Mutes for all instruments and trumpet doubling are allowed at the discretion of the composer. 


The composer can write for any combination of trumpets (flugel horn, piccolo trumpet, C trumpet, Eb trumpet, etc.), a double horn in F,  tenor trombones with F-attachments, compensating euphonium, and either bass or contrabass tuba. 


The works must be orchestrated exclusively for brass as noted above, we will not accept works with percussion, electronic tape, or piano, even if they are optional. 

Composers are not allowed to submit multiple works in a single category, however, we will allow for a composer to submit one work in each of the five category. 


The composers of the compositions chosen as winners for each division will receive the following:

1. A $500 1st place prize and a $200 2nd place prize courtesy of the Rainwater Fund for American Music

2. A studio recording of the work

3. An online performance in the Fall.

Composers are encouraged to submit works in multiple categories. All eligible composers are capable of winning multiple categories!